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Approved for 3.0 Continuing Education Credits

Through the NCBTMB (Massage Therapists) and the APTANJ (Physical Therapists)

Why Learn MyoFascial Cupping?

Whereas traditional cupping just pulls out toxins and improves blood flow, MyoFascial Cupping is a powerful new method that does so much more... 

Recent research has proven that this new method of cupping can manipulate muscle and fascia to aid recovery, break up stubborn knots and adhesions, flush the lymphatic system, release trigger points, and much more. 

MyoFascial Cupping is a system of unique techniques that take a traditional art to the next level. While our hands are amazing massage tools, cups can actually do something our hands can't ever do... Suck!

Why does that matter? Because stuck tissue layers will never fully release by just pushing them together. Adhesions must be pulled apart!

The New Discovery

Take a look at this MRI study. It is easy to see that the muscle layer is actually lifted inside the MyoFascial Cupping application, which separates and stretches the myofascial tissue underneath it.

This is why some knots never seem to release no matter how hard we dig or rub. Our hands are just squeezing the layers together! MyoFascial Cupping actually pulls the layers apart, freeing fascial adhesions and restrictions.

Your Hands Won't Last Forever

Nothing will ever fully replace your hands. They are your bread and butter.

But there is a limit to how many miles your hands will take.

Ask any veteran therapist, chronic overuse injuries and burnout are a huge problem, no matter how good your body mechanics are!

When your hands are tired, fatigued, or in pain, working becomes hard and unenjoyable.

And if you don't work, you don't get paid.

That's the beauty of MyoFascial Cupping! Not only is it an amazing tool, it completely removes stress from your hands. Now you can work smarter, not harder.

Worried About The Cupping Marks? Don't Be...

It is not necessary to bruise a client in order to get great results!!!

In fact, only a few specific MyoFascial Cupping applications actually leave any marks. Most of the applications you will learn in the course can be performed both pain free and cupping mark free.

Don't get me wrong, some clients love cupping marks (it's a bit of a status symbol these days). But for those who don't, you will be able to deliver amazing results without leaving a mark.


MyoFascial Cupping Will Help You To Stand Out

These days, there's a therapist on every corner. Some therapists already use cupping. But MyoFascial Cupping is unlike any other form of massage (or traditional cupping).

Few, if any, can achieve results like our MyoFascial Cupping students.

Once you incorporate MyoFascial Cupping into your practice, you will stand out from the competition. Which means you can charge more per session, work fewer hours, and spend more free time with friends and family.

Already Use Cups? You’re In For a Treat

If you already use hold and slide techniques, then you are going to love the advanced training in this course.

You will learn how to integrate dynamic movement into your cupping, how to connect multiple cups in myofascial lines, how to apply lymphatic cupping, how to use cups to release nerve entrapment syndromes, and more!!!

This Is Not Your Grandma's Cupping Course

Inside the MyoFascial Cupping E-Course, You Will Learn...


THE BASIC SKILLS  you need to get started even if you're a cupping newbie:

  • The best cups to buy
    So you can avoid cheap imitations that break after a week    
  • Which type of cups to use, silicon vs. plastic vs. glass
    So you can get the most out of every application and avoid wasting time on trial and error
  • How to choose the right size cups 
    So you can cup over any body part, no matter where your client has pain
  • How to apply just the right amount of suction 
    So you can get the tissue to release without causing pain and soreness
  • When to slide cups vs. keep them in position
    So you can apply the right cupping dose while avoiding excessive bruising
  • How to apply and release your cups smoothly
    So you can avoid that embarrassing "fart sound" when your cups accidentally pop off

THE ADVANCED TECHNIQUES you need to help even the toughest client:

  • Lymphatic Drainage Techniques
    To reduce swelling and edema
  • Blood Flow Techniques
    To increase healing rate and reduce injury time 
  • Desensitization Techniques
    To gradually work deeper on the most sensitive clients
  • Pain Modulation Techniques
    To alleviate chronic pain that responds to nothing else 
  • Stretch Reflex Techniques
    To quickly improve range of motion and flexibility
  • Muscle Spasm Techniques
    To break the pain and tone cycle and relax muscles 
  • Trigger Point Techniques
    To melt away knots that cause referred pain
  • Adhesion & Scar Tissue Techniques
    To safely improve connective tissue mobility
  • Tissue Lengthening Techniques
    To improve mobility in contractures and shortened tissue
  • Stiffness Reduction Techniques
    To rapidly release large areas of myofascial tightness
  • Nerve Glide Techniques
    To decrease pain from nerve entrapments syndromes


Practical hands-on examples are used throughout the course. You will learn exactly which techniques to use and why to use them. This means fewer clinical mistakes and more satisfied clients.

Here's Exactly What You Will Get 

With Your Purchase of MyoFascial Cupping E-Course

✔︎  18 Video Modules
✔︎  Protocols Cheat Sheet
✔︎  Course Manual
✔︎  Preferred Cups List
✔︎  Full Color Diploma
✔︎  Lifetime Access
✔︎  Streamable on Any Device
✔︎  3.0 Approved CEUs

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Take a Sneak Peek Inside the E-Course...

Section One - Cupping Foundations

Learn everything you need to know to get started with MyoFascial Cupping (even if you're a complete newbie).

Section Two - Cupping Strategy

Go deep into how to apply cups, select the right size and type, choose the right suction and dose, and much more.

Section Three - Cupping Techniques

Learn all 11 super-powerful applications to help you solve a wide variety of patient and client problems.


No need to memorize! Your handy cheat sheet will tell you exactly what to do.

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No need to take notes! You can focus 100% on learning.

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Set yourself apart by letting others know you have advanced training.

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For Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists.


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Meet Your Instructor 

Dr. Jared Cooper (PT) is the founder and clinical director of MOMENT Physical Therapy, and the creator of the PHYSIOSecrets educational platform. In over 20 years of practice in health and wellness, he has helped thousands of patients and clients to eliminate pain and restore their mobility and function. Dr. Cooper's work as a teacher and trainer has been featured on ABC News, in The Wall Street Journal, The NY Sun, and The Chicago Tribune.  He is an ongoing clinical instructor for doctoral students at Seton Hall and Rutgers University, as well as a clinical mentor for Morristown Medical's Osteopathic Manual Therapy Fellowship program. Dr. Cooper is a continuing education provider for rehab professionals nationwide. He earned his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and his doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Southern California.  

Here's What My Students Are Saying...


"Great explanations... Extremely useful. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to add cupping tool to their toolbox."


"I loved this course! I learned more than in my actual certification.  The instructor gave helpful real scenarios.  I love cupping and can't wait to apply these new applications."


"The instructor did a wonderful job. This course was perfect to show me new ways to incorporate cupping into my practice. The new techniques will serve me well."


"Very thorough and detailed. Easy to follow and practical. Kept me engaged. I am excited to have found this course to integrate into my sports massage practice!"


"This was a wonderful online continuing education course.  Very informative.  Looking forward to adding these new techniques into my massage therapy practice."


"I thought the instructor was very helpful and thorough. I love learning different techniques, and I think myofascial cupping is very helpful with tight patients."


"I've had great success with cupping thanks to your course. I'm like the cupping genius in my clinic right now. People are amazed by the results I get."


"I really enjoyed this course and learning techniques I didn't know. Going over the different cups was helpful. The instructor was fabulous I never leave for work without cups in my bag."


"This course had a lot of real life examples that we deal with in practice. The instructor did a great job of explaining every detail. Cupping helps save my hands."


"Very valuable and effective modality to treat a wide range of soft tissue complaints. Thank you Dr. Cooper for putting this amazing course together!!"


"The instructor did a wonderful job. This course was perfect to show me new ways to incorporate cupping into my practice. The new techniques will serve me well."


"I found the course to be informative and easy to understand. I really enjoy using the cupping techniques. They are easy on my body and very effective."


"Excellent. The instructor was extremely thorough and I really enjoyed the text recaps at the end of each video. It was informative, easy to follow, and comprehensive."


"I loved all the practical examples throughout the course. My favorite was the stretch reflex application. Works really really well. Thank you."


"The course and information was interesting and helpful. the instructor did a good job of explaining and showing examples. I will enjoy adding cupping to my profession."


"One of the most informative courses I have taken. Client care was foremost. The instructor is knowledgeable and communicates well. I love the diversity.


"Perfect for the beginning cupper. The instructor seems very experienced...As a trigger point therapist, I am excited to try this on my clients to see how it benefits!"


"I can't wait to start using these techniques. The demonstrations were incredibly useful. I so looking forward to incorporating this into my regular practice!"


"These techniques will be even more helpful to me in my practice. Dr. Cooper was engaging, funny and easy to understand... A great value and I cannot wait to help my clients even more!"


"The instructor and content were excellent. Wonderful online course. Very informative. Looking forward to adding these techniques into my practice. Thank you!"


"This course has totally changed the way I practice. I feel way less worn out at the end of the day thanks to cupping. I can't imagine my practice without it."


"I work a with athletes...this course was great at covering ways I can help my clients re-gain their lost mobility. I love cupping ... less wear and tear on my hands."


"I learned a lot. Dr Cooper has a wealth of knowledge...easy for the audience to understand. I will definitely come back for more of his courses."


"Very informative and practical information, even for seasoned PTs. Well organized, well demonstrated and comprehensive. I give it 5 stars."


"Overall enjoyed the course. I love cupping...I have a greater appreciation for it and use it more than anyone else in my clinic. Thank you!"


"This was a great introduction course. It was really well organized and easy to use. I appreciate having access to the class to revisit the information."


"Dr. Cooper is very experienced and well versed. I love all the different applications. I think it’s great how he shows you how to avoid bruising."


"The course was very eye opening. The instructor was very clear with instructions and visualization. I think I am starting to fall in love with cupping and I just started."


"I saw Dr. Cooper using cupping to diminish bruising post-op knee surgery and I couldn't believe it. I definitely will be saving my hands by using these techniques! Dr. Cooper, you are an awesome instructor!!"


"I am looking forward to helping my patients with nerve restrictions. This course and instructor are very helpful and informative. I love the fact that I have another tool to help my patients!"


"This course was a great basic course. The instructor was clear and covered a lot of information. I love using these techniques on my clients, friends, as well as myself."


"I think this course was brilliant. Excellent explanations. Felt like I was talking to the instructor, simple and easy guidance through the course. I am glad i took this course, it will massively help my practice."


"This course was beyond any expectations I had for an online certification. It was much more complete than previous in-clinic cupping certifications and I appreciated the clinical examples."


"The course was great and very detailed on how to use cups. I'm going to love how myofascial cupping will aid in helping my clients feel better without doing so much deep tissue work with my hands."


"The course was thorough, clear and easy to follow as well as kept me engaged. The instructor was easy to understand and professional. I love myofascial cupping and all it has to offer as an alternative to deep tissue."


"This is a great introduction course into myofascial cupping therapy techniques. The videos were really helpful. I really enjoyed the video clips that had actual clinical application with ‘real’ clients/patients."


"I found the course helpful, the instructor was knowledgeable and easy to follow. I believe myofascial cupping will help me in my practice as an RMT."


"This cupping course was very informative! The instructor was very clear and concise. I am very excited to add cupping into my practice! Thank you!"


"This course was so informative. The instructor was easy to follow. I am excited to add Myofascial Cupping along with my massage sessions."


"I found the course easy to understand and look forward to implementing the techniques with my clients. I LOVE Myofascial cupping and its ability."


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions about whether the MyoFascial Cupping E-Course is for you, just give us a call (917) 968-6362.

If you’re an experienced massage therapist and you already use cupping, then the MyoFascial Cupping E-Course is exactly what you need to to learn a NEW set of cupping skills not taught anywhere else.

This course goes way beyond the basics, and will teach you the clinical applications you need to continue your growth as a manual therapist.

No matter how good your mechanics, manual therapy still puts a load through your hands. 

Your thumb takes the biggest hit, and most veteran therapists develop some arthritis in their hands.

Cupping doesn't replace your hands, but it is an amazing addition to your toolbox.

Our hands can only produce one kind of force, compression. 

But there are many times when 'decompression' is more effective (cupping uses negative pressure, hence it decompresses tissue). 

For example, when cupping over bursa and nerves, decompression is almost always more effective, and has fewer side effects. 

So while hands are great, they only produce one kind of force, and can never produce suction (decompression).

Massage Therapists - This course is approved through the NCBTMB which means the CEUs are good in all 50 states.

Physical Therapists - This course is approved through the APTANJ which means the CEUs apply to New Jersey PTs. However, we are happy to provide you with the necessary documentation for submission to your individual state.


95% of the time that I cup in my clinic, I don't leave a mark.

The only style of cupping that leaves marks is static cupping using high suction and plastic cups.  This is just one style of cupping. 

Most application can be performed without leaving any "cup hickeys."

I also show you how to apply proper after-care to reduce the chances of leaving any marks.

In MyoFascial Cupping there are 11 powerful applications, and they are all included in my E-Course. 

These techniques include lymphatic drainage, trigger point release, stretch reflex modulation, tissue stiffness reduction, and pain desensitization just to name a few.  In fact, MyoFascial Cupping is a versatile practice that can solve a wide variety of client problems.

Absolutely! While some applications of cupping are very gentle, other applications are super strong (you will learn all of these techniques in the course).

MyoFascial Cupping is no joke.

When applied using high suction, especially with multiple cups, your deep tissue clients will love the feeling, and the results.

The degree of suction you place through the cups can be highly tuned to your client's preference.

Cupping can be made aggressive, or super gentle.

I use cupping on seniors, kids, patient's with Fibromyalgia, as well as athletes and weekend warriors.  It is extremely diverse. 

When I first came across cupping I was like 'I am never going to use a suction cup on my clients, that's ridiculous." 

That was until I saw another clinician getting amazing results with cupping, and then I got over the idea. 

Since Michael Phelps put cupping on the map, most clients have heard of it by now, and many have heard of the amazing results it can produce. 

Once they feel the results, they will be asking YOU to cup them.

Many therapists have this concern. But few clients ever have this thought.

Clients just want to feel better. 

In any case, I almost always couple cupping with hands on manual therapy.

The reality is, often times cupping works better than my hands.

When you attend a live course, you learn first by watching the instructor explain and demonstrate the technique.

Then you practice for 5 min and get feedback from your partner.

By the end of the weekend course you can't remember half of what you did.

E-courses like this one are ideal for learning techniques because you can stop the videos at any time, rewatch what you missed, practice all you want, and apply the techniques to clients as you learn them.

We are committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with the MyoFascial Cupping E-Course.

You may receive a complete refund for non-downloadable course material so long as:

1.  The return request is made within 10 days of the digital product purchase.

2.  You have watched (in minutes) less than 50% of the course content.

3.  No certificates (CEUs) have been awarded or downloaded.

4.  No additional course content such as course outlines, manuals, protocols, cheat sheets, or other material has been downloaded.

To obtain a refund, please supply the date of purchase and reason for return.

Digital products in the form of PDFs, e-books, and downloadable courses are not eligible for return.

It's easy... After checkout, you will be redirected to the course page. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link directly to the course. 

NOTE TO MASSAGE THERAPISTS:  Dr. Jared Cooper is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider and is also sponsored by NCBTMB to teach New York LMTs continuing education that is accepted by the state of New York for license renewal.


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