About Dr. Jared Cooper, PT, CMTPT

For over 20 years physical therapist Dr. Jared Cooper (Dr. C) has led continuing education courses in rehabilitation, fitness and performance across the country. He is currently a clinical instructor at the Asheville School of Massage and Natural Health, an adjunct professor at Southwestern Community College, and a former clinical instructor for the Manual Therapy Osteopathic Fellowship at Morristown Hospital, and for the Seton Hall, Rutgers, and Western Carolina University Doctor of Physical Therapy programs.

After graduating from Cornell University, Dr. C started his career as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. For over a decade he taught at New York City's top health clubs, and his classes were featured in The Wall Street Journal, The NY Sun, and The Chicago Tribune; ABC News anchorman Bill Ritter called Dr. Cooper’s Eastern Sculpt class "the hottest exercise in the country."

Dr. C later co-founded the first holistic fitness center in NYC called Attune Holistic Fitness, and started one of the first fitness movements targeted at childhood obesity called Train for Life.
After earning his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California, Dr. C opened MOMENT Physical Therapy, an orthopedic practice in Morristown, NJ. His clinic went on to perform 30,000+ treatments, and was expanded in 2015 to include MOMENT Wellness, a fitness and massage center.

In 2020 Dr. C sold his practice to focus on teaching full time. He went on to develop PHYSIOSecrets, an online educational platform for therapy professionals, and launched the PHYSIOMission Podcast dedicated to providing physical therapists with the marketing and business skills to start their own clinical business. He is a frequent guest on the Performance Doc Podcast and a faculty member of the Performance Doc Academy. Dr. C joined the roster of amazing instructors at in 2023.

Dr. C currently lives in a tiny home near the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina with his wife Karen, his son Renly, and their adorable Aussie-doodle Shae. Dr. C’s mission is to share his teaching and clinical experience with therapy professionals worldwide in hopes that it will elevate their practice and help them to achieve better results with their patients and clients.


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