Atlanto-Axial Rotation Mobilization 60 Sec How To

manual therapy Dec 16, 2017

In this video you will learn how to properly adjust your upper cervical rotation mobilization for maximal effectiveness and ease of execution.

The upper cervical spine plays a critical role in cervical mobility.  In fact, the atlantoaxial joint accounts for about half of the neck’s total rotation. When this joint gets locked up due to suboccipital or cervical tightness, capsular fibrosis, or arthritic changes, more demand is placed on the neck joints below during cervical rotation.

In addition, the atlantoaxial joint plays a key role in the development of cervicogenic headaches, and research shows that upper cervical mobilization can help to alleviate headaches that originate in the cervical spine.

In today’s PHYSIOSecret “Atlantoaxial Rotation Mobilization 60 Sec How To” you will get a sneak peak at a private training session where I instruct my physio’s on upper cervical mobilization.


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