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motivational coaching Sep 16, 2017

Hello and welcome.  

My name is Dr. Jared Cooper.  I am the Founder of MOMENT INSTITUTE Physical Therapy & Fitness, and the Creator of PHYSIOSecrets.

If you are a rehab or fitness professional looking to learn more, grow faster, and establish yourself as a “go-to” practitioner in your field, then keep reading…

See over the past twenty years I have taught, treated, or trained literally thousands of patients and clients, including pro athletes, high level executives, and everyday folks like you and me.  

I’ve taught over a hundred workshops and seminars, been featured on national TV, and I opened, and continue to operate, a high six-figure private practice. 

I enjoy helping patients. But, my passion is teaching. 

What I want is for you to reach your professional potential. 

That is my mission:  To share with you the secrets that only experienced experts know, but rarely reveal.

It is said that the KungFu masters never teach their best techniques for fear they will one day be defeated by one of their students. Well, PHYSIOSecrets is my way of teaching you my best techniques.

Because unlike the Kung Fu masters, I want YOU to be the best there is.

I want you to have the knowledge and skills to establish yourself as an authority.

I want you to assess, treat and train with total confidence, to increase your earning potential, pay back student loans faster, save up and open your own rehab, fitness or wellness studio.

I succeed, when you succeed.

If you’re a personal trainer, I want you to learn superior corrective exercise strategies so you can become the go-to trainer for working with clients recovering from an injury.

If you are a massage therapist, I want to develop magic hands so you can build your practice and attract more high paying customers.

If you are a physical therapist (even if you are just out of school) I want you to be able to treat like a seasoned veteran. 

With PHYSIOSecrets, what would normally take you five, or even ten years to learn through painful trial and error, you will master in a fraction of that time. 

So where do you start?

First, watch one of my premium courses for FREE, the “Core Training MaserClass” by CLICKING HERE.

This is a LIVE 90 minute workshop filmed at my clinic, and it is awesome.  In this MasterClass I reveal the secrets of core training like you’ve never seen before.

Once again, my name is Dr. Jared Cooper, and thank for reading all the way to the end.

I look forward to connecting with you on social, and I hope to see you inside the training!


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