FROM BLOOD FLOW TO CASH FLOW | Guest Nicholas Rolnick | E010 PHYSIOMission Podcast

marketing podcast Dec 23, 2019

Do you feel like just another dime a dozen clinician? It may be time to go niche, just like today’s guest Nicholas Rolnick has done with blood flow restriction training. Nicholas, A.K.A The Human Performance Mechanic, has started his own cash based practice using BFR to achieve incredible results with both his patients and personal training clients.

Nicholas Rolnick is the go to guru on BFR, which he uses in both training and rehab settings. In addition to owning his practice, he is the Co-founder/owner of The BFR Pros, has been a contributing author for the Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science, and teaches kinesiology and functional anatomy courses at Concordia University.




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