SPORTS PHYSIOS NEVER QUIT | Guest Greg Schaible | E015 PHYSIOMission Podcast

marketing podcast Jan 27, 2020

Imagine being cut from your D1 program, fired from your first PT job, and told that you “need to be a follower not a leader”...

What would your next move be?

That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest, Greg Schaible.

In this episode, Greg and I discuss how he became THE Sports Rehab Expert.

He shares his secrets to:
✔︎ Success when working with athletes
✔︎ How he transitioned from employee to boss
✔︎ How he gained the confidence to work with professionals
✔︎ How you can avoid the same career mistakes he made.

If you’re a new grad physical therapist and you want to work with athletes, then this episode is for you!

BIO: Greg Schaible, A.K.A. the Sports Rehab Expert, is a guru when it comes to all things athlete. He is the owner of On Track Physiotherapy, and helps sports clinicians and strength coaches become experts in their field through his online education platform




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