ZEN WISDOM OF THE MARKETING MASTERS | Guests Alex Engar & Will Boyd | E016 PHYSIOMission Podcast

marketing podcast Feb 03, 2020

Two men are helping physios from around the world to build the business of their dreams.

Alex Engar and Will Boyd made a decision that while they love physio…

Their true passion is helping other physical therapists to make the money they deserve.

Oh, and by the way…

Alex and Will are my media coaches.

And what they have to teach us about social media, online business, and life, is absolutely mind-blowing.

BIO: Alex and Will are the founders and directors of Launch Code, an online marketing platform helping individuals from all walks of life to market and sell their products online. They also run the Healthcare Digital Marketing Facebook group, and are the hosts of multiple podcasts including “Breaking Student Debt Podcast,” “The Knowbodies Podcast,” and the “Healthy Funnel Podcast.”



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