BRILLIANT PILATES CLINIC | Guest Stephen Dunn | E017 PHYSIOMission Podcast

marketing podcast Feb 10, 2020

Stephen Dunn is killing it using a cash-based Pilates model that will blow you away. 💵

Stephen ascends his patients from one-to-one Pilates-based physical therapy all the way up to Pilates group fitness. 

His continuity model is brilliant. 💥

Now, PT's from around the nation are flocking to him to learn how to implement his Pilates-based model into their practice.

In today's podcast, I dive deep into Stephen's cash Pilates model and explore a whole new way of delivering customized care.

BIO: Stephen Dunn is a Pilates-based physical therapist with over 21 yrs of experience. His clinic, Core Therapy & Pilates located in Austin, TX, celebrates it's 15th year this April. Stephen is the host of “Pilates for PTs Podcast” and also runs the Facebook group “Pilates for PTs” where he is currently launching a course designed to teach physical therapists how to integrate Pilates into their practice.



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