MAKE MONEY LIVING ANYWHERE | Guest Rob Vining | E021 PHYSIOMission Podcast

marketing podcast Mar 09, 2020

Want to treat your patients from anywhere in the world? 🌎

Telehealth expert Rob Vining teaches us how easy it is to gain location independence and make a living as a PT while on vacation or chilling on your couch, even if you have zero tech skills. 🏖️ 🛋️

In today’s episode, we discuss how to get started as a telehealth provider, the logistics of the platform, and what a typical day in the life of a telehealth provider looks like. If you want freedom don’t miss this episode with Rob!! 🔥

BIO: Rob Vining is a master when it comes to telehealth and online physio. He is the founder of PTLIVE and Digital Physio, an easy to use telehealth portal that connects patients with physios. His 8-week online course “Telehealth: Building Your Digital Practice” teaches therapists how to expand their current practice model and generate new revenue streams. Rob also runs the Facebook group “Telehealth Physical Therapy Providers.”



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