HIP FLEXOR & GLUTE STRETCH | Stretch Therapy Part 2

In part 2 of my hands-on mobility workshop at LifeTime Athletic Club, I share three of my favorite stretches for the hip complex and how to perform them.

For the Wishbone Stretch:

Place patient’s foot on your ribcage and position your body sideways

Put just enough pressure on top knee to keep lower back flat

Hook your other leg on the patient’s foot and flex knee to increase rectus femoris stretch

For the Wishbone - Hamstring Stretch:

Utilize this stretch when patient’s lower back is arching during the Wishbone Stretch

Extend client’s top leg to lengthen hamstring and slightly posteriorly tilt pelvis

Hook patient’s foot in the same manner as the Wishbone Stretch

For the Wishbone - Glute Stretch:

Keep client’s top knee flexed and cross leg over their body

Interlock your hands and add compression to the thigh

Be careful not to induce anterior impingement

Feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts!!


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