The #1 Cause of Over-Pronation & Flat Feet

movement training Sep 21, 2017

From foot pain, to knee pain, to hip pain and back pain, over-pronation and flat feet have been blamed for almost every orthopedic condition there is. But what causes over-pronation during walking? And what can be done to stop the development of flat feet?

In this video you will learn the number one cause for developing over-pronation and flat feet.

You will also learn how the ‘3 rockers’ of the foot and ankle (heel rocker, ankle rocker, and forefoot rocker) function to allow forward progression of the leg during the gait cycle.

Over-pronation is a big problem when it comes to lower extremity biomechanics, and controlling pronation is a major goal of orthotic therapy. By better understanding the biomechanics of pronation, you can start to develop a treatment plan to address one of its major causes.



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