When A Physical Therapy Patient Cries

motivational coaching Oct 22, 2017

Your patient storms out of your clinic crying.  What do you do?  Despite our best efforts to help, every now and then a patient breaks down.  In this video I take you through 5 steps to help you turn a crying patient into a big fan (without feeling like a shrink).

Chronic pain can screw with brain chemistry.  Combine that with the everyday struggle of our hectic lifestyle, and it’s no wonder that so many people are having breakdowns of some sort.  Patients cry.  It happens to all of us.  Sometimes because they are happy, but other times because they just can’t handle what’s going on.

When a physical therapy patient cries, don’t panic. Your first instinct may be to give advise.  STOP |  Do not give advise.  There are a few crucial steps you have to take first before attempting to provide education or guidance. 

And that’s what I cover in this PhysioSecret.


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